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    If you need to access, correct or delete any of your personal data or simply need more information on our personal data management, contact us by email at

    This site collects some personal information in different ways.

    1 - How we use your personal information
    When you make a purchase in our store, as an integral part of the sales process, we collect personal information to be able to handle it, such as your name, address for delivery, email, etc ...
    When you surf the site, we automatically get your IP address and information about the system you are visiting the store with.
    With your permission, we can use the e-mail address to send messages related to our store, such as notices of new products, promotions, etc ..

    2 - Consent
    The sending of personal data for the purpose of registration or purchase, implicitly authorize us to use them only for the reasons mentioned.
    In case of rethinking, contact us to revoke the granting of personal data.

    3 - Disclosure
    We are authorized to process or disclose personal data if required by law.

    4 - Data storage
    All data collected from this site are saved on infrastructures completely managed by the technical staff of ZED
    Data is saved on proprietary storage, servers are constantly monitored and analyzed by antivirus and antimalware filters, as well as being protected by firewalls.

    5 - Payments and credit card data
    The payment systems that the site makes available are all completely managed by partner sites.
    This site does not request and does not collect any data related to payment cards.
    The reliability of the payment method is entrusted to the selected partners.
    When paying by credit card or PayPal, you will be redirected to the payment service manager's portal, which will take full charge of the payment processing.
    During the payment process, the Privacy Policy in force will be that of the third-party service.

    6 - Use of personal data for order management
    The personal data provided when creating an order can be communicated to third party services for the management of shipping services, if required to deliver the products by courier.
    Only the data useful to allow the correct sorting of the orders will be communicated.

    7 - Cookies
    Cookies are used by almost all sites and this is no exception.
    Technically they are files that are saved by the browser on your PC while browsing.
    Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can disable this setting.
    Cookies can not behave like spyware or access personal information, those generated by our site are safe files for privacy and for the operation of your computer.
    Cookies help the site to provide a better browsing experience, save settings and session, help us collect navigation statistics that are essential for us.
    This site uses many tools in the Google Analytics suite, including its remarketing tools.
    It is possible to inhibit these features through the Ads settings.

    8 - Policy updates
    We reserve the right to change or update this Privacy Policy at any time, so we recommend that you visit it frequently.
    The changes made will take effect immediately.